Centennial is more than just a place to sleep while at school. Centennial is a vibrant student community where you will create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. What makes our community special is our curated residence life program designed to help with academic support, health and wellness programming, employment opportunities, financial literacy and community engagement.

Whether in-person or virtually, these programs support the success of our community and contribute to a living-learning environment intended to enable students to thrive academically and socially!

Be sure to browse our residence life page to see what living at Centennial is like. Once you’ve made Centennial home, check back often to see all the great things you can get involved in!

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Academic Achievement & Community Engagement Housing Scholarship

Ahmed (Mohammad)

Meet Our 2022 Recipient

Ahmed (Mohammad)
“I am immensely grateful to Centennial Place for awarding me with this scholarship. The alleviation of considerable financial burden has enabled me to adapt and prosper in the first year of college life. I am very pleased with my living arrangements, access to amenities, and various events hosted around residence. Everyone I've encountered from maintenance staff to management has been more than friendly and accommodating. I look forward to an engaging and successful year fostered in part by Centennial Place.”
Amaya Blake

Meet Our 2021 Recipient

Amaya Blake
“The Centennial housing scholarship has impacted my life in more ways than one. I didn’t have the privilege of being financially stable and money was always stress. I am a nursing student and the courses can get pretty hectic and demanding. Winning the scholarship relieved me of that financial burden and allowed me to focus on school instead of coming up with residence payments every month. I am so thankful to 2022’s Centennial places’ housing scholarship for blessing me with this incredible opportunity. This allows me to solely focus on school so I can do so my very best in my nursing program. I can never thank Centennial Residence enough for making one of my dreams come true.”
Haylee Cholmondeley

Meet Our 2020 Recipient

Haylee Cholmondeley
“I am truly so thankful from the bottom of my heart to be the 2020 Housing Scholarship recipient at Centennial Place. This opportunity has given me the chance to take the first steps to follow my dreams without the financial burden that accompanies moving to a new city. This scholarship has given me the luxury of being able to focus on my studies and not worry about whether I can pay rent, or the stress of struggling to find a job to stay afloat during a pandemic. It truly has had a huge impact on my life, and I cannot thank you enough.”
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